Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia means different things to different people. Only from seeing the country first-hand, do travelers truly understand the wonders of this fascinating part of the world.

Few destinations capture the imagine — and stir up a range of feelings — more than Saudi Arabia. Now that “the Kingdom” is welcoming tourists and opening itself to the outside, U.S. travelers will find a new world of possibilities. And many will discover something they might not be expecting, the warmth and friendliness of the Saudi people.

 Our group of 16 travel advisors — with diverse backgrounds and a wide array of clientele — came back from Saudi Arabia in agreement on one thing: The country beat all their expectations.

 From the moment they landed, these advisors said they felt safe and welcome. Locals would greet them with an affection and generosity that few had ever experienced on their previous travels. What the group discovered was a modern society familiar with the customs of the western world, and proud of all the treasures they are now able to share with visitors.

 With its historic sites, stunning natural landscapes and modern cities, Saudi Arabia truly is a gem ready to be discovered.

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