CWT recognizes two Travel Weekly writers with journalism awards: Travel Weekly

Two Travel Weekly senior editors were recognized by CWT in its annual Business Travel Journalism Awards, which honors journalists and editors for “exemplary and innovative business journalism over the last year,” the travel management company said.

Jamie Biesiada was awarded the Features Journalist of the Year for her Aug. 8 report “In a bind over bleisure,” which examined the rise in blended business/leisure trips and how corporations are struggling to craft policy to manage these types of trips. The report was Travel Weekly’s Focus on Business Travel cover story. 

Nicole Edenedo, who joined the Travel Weekly team this year, was awarded Best Newcomer for her Feb. 28 cover story “On the road to discovery” about the increased demand for Black cultural and historical travel experiences in the U.S. and abroad and how these experiences were being crafted and sold by Black travel professionals. 

The cover story was also the focus of a Folo by Travel Weekly podcast featuring Edenedo and two of the travel professionals interviewed in the story. 

In a statement celebrating the winners, CWT said that Edenedo’s “passion for inspiring others by reporting the truth was eloquently captured in her feature on Black travelers and how the impact of Black Lives Matter has intensified the demand for more local Black history and cultural heritage tour offerings.”

CWT lauded Biesiada for her “rigorously researched article on the risk of unmanaged bleisure trips post-pandemic and the value of incentive trips to attract and retain talent.”   

Business Travel News Europe, a sister publication to Travel Weekly, was named Editorial Team of the Year. 

“This recognition of Jamie and Nicole’s contributions is both well-appreciated and well-deserved,” said Arnie Weissmann, Travel Weekly’s editor in chief. “Jamie’s coverage consistently and insightfully explores and explains trends in retail travel, and I’m thrilled that CWT has recognized Nicole’s fresh and relevant perspectives as Best Newcomer.”

CWT said that an independent panel of judges selected the winners in 12 categories out of hundreds of entries.

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